A task chair created for a  dynamic, demanding workday, the G20 Chair is a great alternative, by the Global Furniture Group. With an ergonomic approach and a minimalist look without compromising quality standards, the G20 may be your best bet for a high-performance work chair. Let’s take a quick look at how to get the most of it.

Adapting your G20 Chair for the first time

Height balance.

The height balance is the first adjustment you have to consider with your chair. It will allow you to distribute your body better between your chair and desk. Remember that once your height is adjusted, your thighs must be in parallels with the floor. Your feet must rest comfortably on the floor, too. In your G20 you can adapt your height, holding up the height lever and lifting your weight. To lower, pull up the adjustment tap

Width Balance.

The width balance is basic because it allows you to find a better posture to rest your spine and align it in a natural way with the back of your seat. In your G20, adjust the width of your seat and enjoy better support for your lower back, using your width tab and sliding your body forward or backward till you find the best alignment for you. In the end, you should feel comfortable if you can insert the palm of your hand between the back of your knees and your seat. Your back should be in contact with your back support.

The Tilt Balance

The possibility of reclining in your chair to relax and give yourself a minute of distress is priceless in a good task chair. Actually, a great chair will allow you to keep on working reclined in your seat, while your eye and neck continue focused at the same point of your desk or screen. So, is convenient to allow the chair free to a tilt movement, backward and forward. If you feel that you need more tension, or, on the contrary, you need more ease, then adjust the tilt tension knob the way you feel better.  To balance your tilt is a good way to release stress from the lower back and seat.

Balancing your arms

You can get a lot of positions for your arms by moving your arm caps. In your G20, by Global Furniture Group, use the bottom under the arm cap, and you will be able to get them up or down individually. Even you can slide them to the right or the left. This will give you the opportunity to relax your arms and your posture to any desk or situation.

Supporting your spine

One fine feature of the G20 chair has to do with two little adjustment tabs located in the back seat mesh of the Global Furniture Chair. Adjust the pair of tabs in your lower back, so you can get the best lumbar support for your back. This will allow keeping the natural curve of your spine.

Global Furniture Group, melding form, and function just created a worthy design where value is the first word that comes to our mind.

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