Ergonomic furniture is a big part of our everyday life. It is a need to have pieces that can be comfortable, beautiful but functional enough to protect people’s health. As a result, many products like Bridges II, Factor Chair, Moda Chair, Princeton Chair were born to protect the people. 

With such wide options among the market, it’s always useful to have an explained selection of the best pieces out there. That’s why, today, we chose to speak briefly about one of the tops ergonomic goods, the Bridges II and where to get it. 

Where can I find a Bridges II?

Bridges II 1
By Global Furniture Group

In case you may not know, our chosen piece is a divider collection manufactured by Global Furniture Group (GFG) that includes freestanding and integrated seating modules, coordinating tables, privacy screens, power, and lighting. These pieces allow seating elements to be linked together within a run of tables, or as freestanding pieces – so the product can be used in open-plan, reception or team areas.

GFG collection of privacy screens has won a name in the market because it recalculates the value equation of tasks and office chairs. 

You’ll find this at Manhattan Office Design, where you can choose from various contemporary frame finishes and a spectrum of mesh colors. Contact them at 212.706.8509 or visit their Bridges II Showroom NYC to get the workplace you desire at a fraction of the cost. 

We assure you they’ll help you beat any quote out there!

Bridges II 2
By Global Furniture Group

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